The simplest way to record and add a voice layer to your blog.

Your audience isn’t reading like in the past. But they are listening. Keep them engaged by adding an audio layer to your writing.
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We believe in the power of the human voice

As we all know, reading rates are on the decline. But listening is on the up and up. Now is your chance to let your voice be heard and connect with your readers like never before.

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Why add a voice layer
to your writing?

When on-the-go, readers prefer having the option to listen to the writing that interests them. Allears let’s you record and quickly add a voice layer to all your written content.

Increase traffic and
exposure for your content

Grow your audience with a boost in search engine exposure thanks to the unique SEO benefits that adding audio to your site provides.

Engage your readers
who are on-the-go

Audio keeps audiences engaged longer when on the move. Make your content even more accessible while they’re running, bicycling, cooking, commuting and more.

Make your writing
more human

The human voice is powerful. Narrate your writing in your own voice to convey greater authenticity and intimacy with your audience.

Audio tools for
the modern writer

Some people are okay with lifeless robots reading their words. We’re not about it. Allears empowers humans to easily narrate and add a spoken voice layer to their own writing in minutes.

Record and upload from anywhere
All you need is a wifi connection, a quite space and you’re all set. Record from your home, office or favorite remote island.

Embed directly into your existing site
A quick copy-and-paste embed and you’re good to go. Make it easy for your readers to listen to your recording without having to leave your site.

See what’s engaging your audience most
Allears Insights™ track just how many people are listening to your content, and how deeply engaged your audience is overall.


Integrate voice directly into your site

Easily record and embed your recordings directly onto your website or blog, regardless of your publishing platform. Allears’ responsive audio player automatically adapts to any website for flawless playback across all devices.


How does it work?

We believe you should focus on what you know best: telling the story. And let us do the rest. Within minutes, you’ll have a voiceover at the top of everything you’ve written.

Step 1
Step 1

Record your words in
your best narrator voice

From your phone, computer or tablet, you can record from anywhere. Just find a quiet space, open the Allears Recording Studio™, and read your words in your own voice.

Step 2
Step 2

Embed your voiceover
directly into your site

Easily add your recorded narration to your website or blog within seconds. Allears’ custom player automatically adapts to any site and delivers flawless playback across all devices. No reason for your readers to leave your site (or have to download a separate app) to listen to your words.

Step 3
Step 3

Engage your readers
like never before

Engage your audience with spoken word, and monitor listening analytics to understand what’s working best. Speak to your readers in an entirely new way, connect with a broader audience, and measure your impact with Allears Insights™.

Trusted by thousands of writers everywhere

Whether you’re an independent blogger, seasoned journalist, newsletter extraordinaire, or aspiring poet, we’ve got you covered. Allears helps writers of all types unlock the power of spoken word and the human voice.

“I’ve been writing for over a decade and didn’t realize just how much my readers love listening to my posts until I started adding a voiceover to my blog posts!”
Rebecca Caldwell
Rebecca Caldwell
23,498 listens
“Super simple addition to my weekly posts. Only takes a few minutes to record and gives me a different way to express myself. They’re like mini audiobooks… but only better!”
Joshua Goldsmith
Joshua Goldsmith
7,802 listens
“The amount of people listening to my articles now blows my mind! Wish I had started narrating my writing years ago...”
Natalia Diaz
Natalia Diaz
64,908 listens

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Allears free to use?
Yes! Allears is entirely free. However, we do plan to charge for new features and tools in the future.
Are people actually listening to audio more than reading?
Leisure reading has been on the decline over the past decade, while digital consumption of audio has grown rapidly over the last few years. Thanks to the explosion of the smartphone and smart speakers, consumers are actively seeking out more efficient ways to consume their favorite content; and audio is quickly changing the game.
Can I embed the recordings within my existing site?
Absolutely. Our responsive audio player is designed to be added to any type of website or blogging platform. Just copy-and-paste to your existing site and let your readers enjoy flawless listening across all devices. It’s super simple. We promise.
Can I add other team members to my account?
More the merrier, right? We agree. Soon you’ll be able to invite team members to your publisher studio for even more collaboration.

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Make a bigger impact with voice

Don’t get stuck in the past. Speak to your readers in a more human way, connect with a broader audience, and have a deeper impact by adding an audio layer to your writing.